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Helion Primal Fury

Dark Shadows

26 July
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Well...."I" exsisted in this plane of undersatnding called the "world," all alone, but not any more. Now in this so called "world," I lived in the great depth of darkness and chaos where nothing could be seen nor heard, except the small light of Destiny that brigthened my path towards true undestanding. Only could I truly "see" when I followed this so called "light" from the heavens. Before, this sunlight had faded and revealed to me truths that only lie in total darkness. Thus I had fled to the blackness, soaking in the shadows of dispair, until the fatefull day of Destiny would APPEAR! But what do you know...i figured it out! It isn't just one day of destiny, but our whole lives are destiny, and we should be living it out everyday! So thus I decided to live my life to it's fullest, along with great friends and always looking forward to the day where I would meet HIM!
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